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Regular Events | all events are at 2138 Cedar St., Berkeley unless otherwise noted

Sunday Evening Prayer & Communion | 5pm Sundays | Sanctuary
Class: Spirituality of Scripture | 7pm Sundays Sept 14-Dec 7 | Babcock Room
Gregorian Chant Choir | 7:30pm Thursdays | Office
Sacred Space Art & Lit Group | 7pm 1st Wednesdays | 1326 Milvia St. Apt. C, Berkeley
Spiritual Direction Group | 7pm 2nd Wednesdays | Office
Mystics Reading Group  | 6pm 3rd Wednesdays  | 1326 Milvia St. Apt. C, Berkeley
Centering Prayer | 7pm 4th Wednesdays | Office
Interfaith Labyrinth Walk with Live Music | 6pm Last Fridays | Labyrinth Hall



Join us for our Holy Week and Easter services this year as we remember the events of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem, his brutal crucifixion and glorious resurrection.

Palm Sunday | 5pm, March 29, Labyrinth Hall
For this unusual service, we walk with Jesus through the events of his last week, reinacting the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper with his disciples, his desperate prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, and ending with a dramatic reading of the passion of St. Mark.

Maundy Thursday | 7pm, April 2, Sanctuary
Be present at the Last Supper with us as we share communion and wash each other’s feet, all accompanied by the solemn and haunting music of the Cantemus Gregorian Chant Choir.

Good Friday | 6pm, April 3, Labyrinth Hall
The most anticipated and popular service of the year at Grace North Church is not really one 3-hour service, but nine 20-minute services in quick succession. Feel free to drop in or out at any time. During this time, we accompany Jesus throughout the crucifixion, meditating on his words, and speculating on their meaning for us today. Each 20-minute service consists of a procession, readings from the gospels and the mystics of the world’s religions, a time of open sharing, and a chant composed on the spot, drawn from the content of our conversation to lead us into the next procession. Don’t miss this poignant and awe-filled ritual.

Easter Sunday | 5pm, April 5, Sanctuary

Party! Easter is the greatest, most ecstatic festival of the year, and the joy of this celebration is hard to contain. Tyranny and death have been defeated! They did their worst, and Jesus got up and walked away from it all. His resurrection changed the history of the world forever, and we are invited to be a part of it. Champagne will be served!


GNC_Sun_onlineAd_v4[2]Sunday Service: Evening Prayer and Communion
Every Sunday, 5pm, Sanctuary

All are welcome to attend Sunday Service. Our service is a wonderful blending of traditional liturgy, contemplative practice, progressive teachings and an informal friendly style. We will read the Gospel for the day, and we also include a reading from another world religion. Everyone is welcome to take communion. Live Music ranges from interfaith chants, to folk, to roots rock. All walks of life and faiths are welcome. Please join us.

GNC_Labyrinth_450X4502015Interfaith Labyrinth Walk with Live Music
Last Fridays of the month, 6pm-7pm, Labyrinth Hall

Find peace. Walk the Labyrinth. Sing, meditate and enjoy music from many world religions. With 97 candles lighting the way, our Labyrinth Walk is open to all ages, walks of life, and  faiths. Since ancient times, the Labyrinth been a form of meditation. Walking the winding path reminds us that even though life has many twists and turns, we always end up at center. Wind your way back to the beginning and feel more refreshed. While you walk, our musicians will play music from many world religions. Enjoy these beautiful songs from many traditions that remind us how religions from around the world inspire inner peace and hope through music. You can choose to listen, sing, walk, meditate. All ages, walks of life, and all faiths are welcome. Casual attire or come directly from work or school.

For this Taize service the Winding Way musicians play a variety of instruments: guitar, violin, cello, piano, mandolin, voice, to match the songs of the month. Songs may come from christian, buddhist, jewish, hindu and more traditions. The Labyrinth is the last Friday of every month. You and your family and friends are welcome!

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