Want some good news? You don’t have to do any of this “spiritual” stuff alone. In fact, by ourselves, we can’t actually get very far. Under our own steam, we’re actually pretty bad at this religion business. But that’s okay, because the amazing thing is that God is always working on us. God is always loving us, whispering to us, nudging us toward good choices, and toward experiences that will grow us in good ways—even though they sometimes seem hard when we are going through them.

There often don’t seem to be many things we can really count on in this life, but you can count on this: God is never going to stop loving you. God is always with you, supporting you and guiding you toward health and wholeness. God is always at work—within us and outside us—to make us more than we are: better, more loving, healthier people.

We don’t always notice it, but that’s because it’s constant. We don’t notice the rotation of the earth, either, and for the same reason—it’s constant. We don’t often notice the air, because it’s always there. We don’t notice gravity until we take a spill and hit the pavement. God’s work on us is like that—God is always moving, like the earth. The Spirit is always surrounding us, like air. The Holy is always tugging at us, like gravity, toward better things—toward a better us.

Is it good to cooperate with God’s work on us, and in us? Sure. But even if we don’t, God isn’t going to give up on us. Not ever.