If you’re looking for a spiritual community that’s a “perfect fit,” I have bad news for you: You’re going to be looking for a very long time. There’s no such thing as a community where everyone believes the same thing (even if everyone gives assent to the same creed or “statement of faith”).

Also, there’s no such thing as the perfect community. Communities are made up of human beings. And they’re just as messy as human beings. Not just sometimes, either—all the time, and every community.

So if you come to Grace North, you won’t find a perfect fit—everyone around here believes different things. You also won’t find a perfect community. We struggle—with ourselves and each other and with the world. We won’t fit a lot of your preconceptions, and we are guaranteed to let you down now and then. But at least we’re open about it!

There’s good news in all of this, though: you don’t have to be perfect, either. And you don’t have to fit into some pre-determined mold in order to “fit in.” Just come as you are. We will love you.

Come and experience the “good enough” community, where we can all be “good enough” people. No pressure, no shame, and no expectations to be something you’re not. If you find that refreshing, so do we. That’s why we’re here. We hope to see you here sometime, too.