The long and winding road …

Today, as I write, is the anniversary of the Beatles first appearance in the United States.   I am reminded of their wonderful song, “The Long and Winding Road” (Paul McCartney).  Many of you who read this blog may also participate in our monthly labyrinth services here at Grace North.  If you are a new reader, consider this a warm invitation to join in our version of the winding road, our labyrinth walk.  No experience required! – simply an open heart and an hour (or less) of your time.  Your Spirit will be refreshed.  The last walk was particularly moving for me; I always find it to be a powerful metaphor for our spiritual life. 


Grace North Church Labyrinth

As we deliberately walk the labyrinth in our upper hall, bathed in candlelight and the gentle sounds of our musicians’ instruments and voices, we on both a solitary and a communal journey.  One can’t get lost on a labyrinth path; it is not a maze.  How reassuring!  You simply follow where it leads your footsteps, to the center of the pattern, of your being, to God, and then back out.  I find myself alone, yet conscious that there are people on the path in front of me and behind me.  There are friends and strangers.  As the path loops, I pass new people, and some of the same people, again and again.  Sometimes they are moving in the same direction I am, sometimes in the opposite direction, as each of us follows the turns of the path.  It is wonderfully symbolic of “real life.”  Once I have made my way to the center and spent those precious moments in prayer, I wind my way back out and must actually share the path with those moving to the center, occasionally stepping a bit aside to allow them room – just as we must step aside and allow others a bit of room in our daily interactions.

Please join us in the peace of the labyrinth on Friday, February 28, 2014.