Ever since the very beginning of the Christian faith, there has been a great controversy over who Jesus is. The early Jewish Christians believed him to be a human prophet, the equal of Moses. The early Gnostic Christians believed him to be a spiritual being on a mission of cosmic espionage. The Pauline school decided to split the difference, insisting that he was somehow both fully human and fully divine.

The great creeds may have thought they settled the matter, but there are still lots of people who veer to one side of this continuum to the other. And as far as Grace North Church is concerned, that’s okay.

We don’t have a “definitive” answer for who Jesus is, or what his mission was. In fact, we fully expect that “who Jesus is” will change for each of us as we journey through life. There’s no need to nail it down, because the spiritual life is always evolving.

Some of our folks believe he was a great human teacher. Others in our congregation believe he is totally divine. And the rest of us fall somewhere in between.

Wherever you fall in your opinions, you’ll be welcome here.

To us, you are a Christian if you read Jesus’ teachings and find there meaningful wisdom for your life. As Christians, we seek to follow Jesus—regardless of who you think he is or was.

And what does it mean to follow Jesus? Simply to do what he did: to love our enemies, feed the hungry, befriend the lonely, visit the sick. To follow Jesus is to recognize that everyone has a spiritual birthright—every one of us has a relationship with God, no matter what we’ve done, what social strata we come from, how “pious” we are, who we love, or what we believe or don’t believe.

All are welcome. All are loved. All are invited to join us on this journey. We’ve got a great leader, after all, no matter who you think he is.