Whenever my wife Lisa and I meet someone we really like, you can bet that before long we’re inviting them for dinner. It seems like a natural thing to do. Around the dinner table, people open up, you get to know the “real them,” and real friendship begins.

That is why, at Grace North Church, we are so committed to the tradition of having communion every Sunday. The communion table is a dinner table—it represents the table at which Jesus sat with his friends. It’s the table where he broke bread and drank wine with all sorts of people—rich people, poor people, outcasts, insiders, screw-ups and sinners. In other words, folks just like you and me. And at that table, as they ate with him, they began a friendship with him that often transformed their lives.

So we, too, gather around Jesus’ dinner table. And as we eat his bread and drink his wine, we become friends with one another, and friends with God.

If you join us for worship, you’ll be welcome to dine at Jesus’ table, too. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, or what you’ve done, or what you believe—or don’t believe. In our community, we welcome gay people, straight people, and transgendered people. We welcome the young and the old, the liberal and the conservative, the sick and the well, Christians, atheists, Wiccans, Buddhists…and, well, just about anyone else.

Because that’s what Jesus would have done. And because we try to follow him and continue his ministry of acceptance and love, we do this, too. This table is about inclusion. This table is about friendship.

Want to come over for dinner?