If you are looking for a perfect spiritual community, or a community that is a “perfect fit” for you, you will probably not make your home with us. And you may be looking for a very, very long time.

That’s because there’s no such thing as a perfect spiritual community. Spiritual communities are always and everywhere (and without exception) made up of flawed, wounded, and unpredictable human beings. Someone once said, a church is a hospital–if you want healthy people you have to go elsewhere (if you ever find that imaginary “elsewhere” full of healthy people, let me know about it, won’t you? I’ve never seen such a place).

Grace North Church is just like other churches in this way. We try hard and we mean well, but we do everything we do in an imperfect way. We stumble, we fall, we get up, we try again. That’s human. That’s us. So if you decide to walk with us for a while, you won’t meet any perfect people, but we can promise you one thing: no one is going to judge you for being imperfect yourself. Instead, we’re going to embrace you and love you and support you–in our most sincere but imperfect way. We’ll forgive and love you if you can forgive and love us. That’s what it means to walk the Christian path together.

Also, there’s also no such thing as a community that’s a “perfect fit” for your specific, individual spirituality. You are never going to find a group of people who believe exactly as you do–and if you reject spiritual community until you find such a group of people, you will essentially be choosing to be lonely on the spiritual path.

At Grace North Church we assume from the outset that everyone has different ideas about spirituality and God. Not only that, but we expect that those ideas will grow and change as a person walks the spiritual path. And no, we don’t assume that those ideas will grow in a similar direction! Instead, we encourage exploration, questions, and diversity in belief and practice, believing that true freedom leads to spiritual maturity.

So if you are looking for a community where everyone believes as you do, Grace North Church is not going to be that place. But if you are looking for a community where everyone is free to hold and explore his or her spirituality wherever it leads as one changes and grows–we’re a good place for that.