One of the wounding things about religion is this idea that you have to fit into some cookie-cutter mold that “someone,” “somewhere” decided “this is what a Christian looks like” or “this is what a Christian believes.” At Grace North Church, we have thrown out the mold.

We don’t assume you believe what someone else believes. We certainly don’t assume you believe what we believe—you can’t, because we all believe different things. “What?” You might be thinking, “How can everyone in your church believe different things?” But it’s true. And not only do we tolerate diversity in our beliefs, we encourage it.

This is because Christian life is about freedom, including the freedom of belief—and the freedom to change your beliefs. Most of our beliefs change over time. If they don’t, then you should probably check your pulse. You might be dead—or your faith might be dead.

As a Congregational church, we at Grace North Church are non-creedal. This means that while we appreciate the historical value of the Christian creeds (like the Apostle’s Creed or the Nicene Creed, among others) we don’t use them in worship, and we don’t use them to determine whether someone is “in the club,” so to speak.

Jesus might mean one thing to you now, and something else to you next year. That’s great. It means you’re growing, and your relationship with/to/in Jesus is probably growing, too. Maybe you’re not even a Christian, but you want to be part of our community. That’s great, too—if you don’t mind us talking about Jesus all the time, of course.

Because we do a lot of this “talking about Jesus” thing. We just don’t have to agree on who he is, what his mission was about, or what it means to be “Christian.” That’s freedom.