We don’t think Christianity is better than other religions. In fact, we think it’s kind of arrogant to say such a thing! Other religions, in fact, are pulsing with life, wisdom, and salvation.

So why be Christian? Because this is how God has come to us, through the person of Jesus Christ. Christianity is like a family. We love it because it’s our family. We don’t think that our family is better than other families, but we love it because it’s ours. And everything we need is here.

Of course, like every family, we are also dysfunctional. Every family has it’s weird uncle, and taboo subjects. Our family is no different, but here we also find belonging, purpose, and real love.

Of course, it’s wonderful to eat at other people’s houses (and enjoy their worship) but it’s always a welcome relief to come home again, to wrap ourselves in the familiar, to eat the comfort food our family loves best.

And God has truly met us here. We have beheld the living God in the face of Jesus, and we trust that if we follow Jesus, he will lead us to God. Other people have other paths, equally good, but this path is ours.

It isn’t a straight path, in fact sometimes it’s kind of rocky. But it’s beautiful. And the company is great. Why not walk with us?