“Nobody’s Perfect.” Ain’t that the truth. And yet lots of people think that “perfection” is what God demands, and they beat up on themselves for not measuring up. This is nonsense! First of all, perfection doesn’t actually exist. At least, not in this universe. It’s a fiction that resides only in the human imagination. We invented it and ever since then we have spent the past 2500 years feeling lousy because we don’t measure up to it. Crazy.

Look, God doesn’t ask for perfection. God doesn’t even want it. God knows what it’s like to be human—he was one, after all. When Jesus became a human being, he embraced everything about us—our beauty, our wisdom, our silliness, and…well, all the stuff we’re not so proud of, too. All of it. And he loved it. He loves us.

So why not stop feeling bad about not being perfect? And welcome to the club! At Grace North Church, we welcome you just as you are. Just like God does. Warts and all.