No matter who you are, where you come from, what you’ve done, who you love, or what you believe or don’t believe…you are welcome here.

Just as Jesus welcomed everyone to his table during his earthly ministry, so we carry on this tradition of spiritual generosity in our own parish. Everyone is welcome to attend, receive communion, and participate in all levels of membership, service, and leadership, regardless of one’s faith tradition (or lack of same), racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, legal status, criminal record, or even species (animal companions attend our services regularly).

Many of us at Grace North Church have known how painful it can be to be rejected by our faith communities. We strive to be a true community of grace, where anyone can find forgiveness, friendship, or a second chance.


Sunday Service: Sunday Evening Prayer and Communion
Every Sunday, 5pm
with Live Music

All are welcome to attend Sunday Service. Our service is a wonderful blending of traditional liturgy, contemplative practice, progressive teachings and an informal friendly style. We will read the Gospel for the day, and we also include a reading from another world religion. Everyone is welcome to take communion. Live Music ranges from interfaith chants, to folk, to roots rock. Please join us.

Interfaith Labyrinth Walk with Live Music
The Last Labyrinth for 2014!  Friday, October 31, 6pm to 7pm  FREE
Find peace. Walk the Labyrinth. Sing, meditate and enjoy beautiful songs and chants from many world religions.

GNC_Labyrinth_450X450OctWith 97 candles lighting the way, our Labyrinth Walk is open to all ages, walks of life, and  faiths. You can choose to listen, sing, walk, meditate. All ages and all faiths are welcome. Casual attire welcome. The Winding Way musicians play songs from christian, buddhist, jewish, hindu and other traditions. The Labyrinth is the last Friday of every month. You and your family and friends are welcome!

Learn more here.



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